Film Review: Inglourious Basterds

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Inglourious Basterds begins in German-occupied France, where Shosanna Dreyfus (Mélanie Laurent) witnesses the execution of her family at the hand of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz). Narrowly escaping, she flees to Paris and forges a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema.

Elsewhere in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) organizes a group of Jewish soldiers to engage in targeted acts of retribution. Known to their enemy as “The Basterds,” Raine’s squad joins with a German actress and undercover agent, Bridget Von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger), on a mission to take down the leaders of The Third Reich. Fates converge under a cinema marquee, where Shosanna is poised to carry out a revenge plan of her own.


Undoubtedly my favourite Tarantino film so far. I could watch this on repeat and never bore of it.

With a brilliant and intense opening half an hour, Inglourious Basterds is masterful scene after masterful scene and is filled to the brim with excellent performances from the incredible Christoph Waltz, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, and Eli Roth.

The whole feel of the film is very authentic, but again it is Tarantino’s script that is the film’s most outstanding quality, as the long scenes of interaction are just fantastic to watch unfold.

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