Album Review: Kids In Glass Houses – Dirt


Kids in Glass Houses released their new album Dirt on March 29th, 2010 after a two-year wait from their previous album, Smart Casual.

I’m quite a fan of the Welsh pop-punk band. Their first album was a good listen. A few of the songs such as ‘Give Me What I Want‘ and ‘Saturday‘ are amongst my favourites but then the rest of the album was distinctly average. When I asked my friend what the new album was like, he excitedly replied, “KIGH got some balls.” The implication that they had grown up and gained more talent in their experience meant that I expected a lot from the album.

Matters At All‘, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come‘ and ‘Hunt the Haunted‘ are my three favourites off the album. They demonstrate the side of KIGH that makes them so brilliant. They are the crowd-pleasing songs that will get a crowd jumping and singing along to every word. KIGH have treated us to some classic pop punk with these.

Youngblood (Let it out)‘ is another that will be a favourite live song, especially at festivals, with the crowd shouting “HEY!” back at them. ‘For Better or Hearse‘ achieves this same advantage. The album is, without a doubt, one with the crowd in mind. And I could say this about their first album too. I think I’ve undermined their efforts…

Sunshine‘ and ‘Lilli Rose‘ show the lyrical talent of the band. There is a definite raw emotion that has been built up to produce the album. Lilli Rose is almost cringe-worthy with the line, “Lilli Rose, Eat your heart out.” The words alone remind me of the Myspace days, oh dear. But the meaning behind the song, excluding these few words, is why it’s one of my most played songs off the album. “I don’t wanna lose you, but I never really had you before.”

Giving Up‘ and ‘The Morning Afterlife‘ are the two mellow, less punky, songs of the album, but songs that I always think an upbeat album needs. They are beautifully performed by the band and again show the emotion behind the album, “Just when you thought the world was yours, just when you thought you had it all, just when you thought you’d done enough to get you through the night.”

I’m not disappointed, I just wanted a little more. The albums sound is typical Kids In Glass Houses; I can’t honestly say that it’s offering anything new. Though the album is really growing on me and has been on repeat all night.

KIGH are playing at Falmouth’s Princess Pavilion on May 13th, and I think I may just have to go. Click here for ticket prices, venues and information.

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