Film Review: Remember Me


Remember Me follows 21-year-old Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson), a typical university student living in New York. We are introduced to his character as either holding a bottle of beer or having a cigarette in his hand, with the characters around him constantly remarking on the smell of alcohol and smoke and of his ghost-like presence. It’s not until we learn about the death of Tyler’s brother that we understand his behaviour and unsociable nature. There is a lot of emotion behind Pattinson’s acting which makes it easy to relate to his character. We can see that he’s only set out to make a difference but is full of anger because of the injustice and ignorance of the people around him.

“Gondi said, that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important you do it.”

Tyler meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin) in hope to annoy her father who had previously beaten up and arrested him for speaking his mind. But Remember Me is not a typical romantic drama. Both characters have had their fair share of family tragedy; The beginning of the film starts 10 years in the past, as Ally witnesses her mother’s murder, and then comes to the present with Tyler, building a storyline around the suicide of his brother. The two passionately connect in a way that will – and does – change them both. The scenes around their relationship are very moving. From a water fight in the shower to making love whilst Sigur Ros plays in the background. There is nothing typical about it, but something very realistic with true, deep feelings.

Remember Me is a heartwarming yet heartbreaking story with an ultimate twist that brings so much meaning to the relationships you come to appreciate and admire throughout the film.

It is this end that makes the film what it is. Coming so close a ‘happily ever after’, we presume that everything is happening in a present, normal setting, but it soon turns into a tragedy. We see the date, we see the character, and we see the place. Suddenly the whole film falls into place. The title starts to scream at you, as it is all brought to an end, and we finally understand its meaning. Remember them, and remember him. Tyler’s efforts have finally made a difference. He has taught people how to love and has brought his family back together, but it’s no longer up to him to make such changes in the world. Its clever twist is heartbreaking and brought more than a few tears to my eyes.

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