Film Review: Toy Story 3

(Published on Rushes Online Film Magazine)

After an 11 year wait, Woody, Buzz and the whole toy box team are back on their final and most exciting adventure yet.

As 17-year-old Andy prepares for college, his loyal toys are accidentally shipped off to daycare where they meet a bunch of new characters, including Barbie’s counterpart Ken and a strawberry-scented teddy bear called Lots-o’-Huggin’. From the torture of toddlers’ sticky hands and drooling mouths, the team plan their escape from the not-so-nice gang of the daycare toys to return home before Andy leaves.


Toy Story 3 is a brilliant comedy, produced in 3D, that outstands its predecessors in many ways. It’s a film that can be enjoyed by parents as well as their children, seeping hidden innuendos that I’m still only just picking up from such films that I grew up watching, and a memorable experience for teenage friends who want to relive a childhood favourite.

A more serious storyline, maybe one a bit too extreme, in places, for the younger audience. Poker nights and Spanish flirtations; the children will laugh at the goofing around but the adults even more so in its true understanding. No morals to be learnt, but a story of deep friendships; one that Toy Story exceeds in portraying.

A classic maintained, remembering the reasons why we loved the original back in 1995. Director Lee Unkrich has made this one for the original fans (Although still highly enjoyable for the kids of today as Toy Story first-timers). The film provokes tears from both laughter and sadness, even from the older audience; something that can not be said for most Disney films. A must-see for all.

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