The TV’s on Crack

Literally. Is there anybody not in the toilets snorting a line of cocaine at the minute? Soap after soap, the moral of “don’t take drugs” is being driven into our heads as if it has suddenly become a hip new trend.

Freshers week is all around, yet Hollyoaks is the only soap taking advantage of the possible storylines. Their take on drug use reminds me of the film, Mean Girls – “If you take drugs, you will fall from a building and die!” Maybe a vulnerable person would see this as a negative effect from taking drugs, but to most, it was just a series of unfortunate events, and the party she was at beforehand seemed like a good time.

Fortunately, we’re not all so influenced by the media, but as every episode ends – don’t let drugs ruin your freshers; what the group of freshers are going through now is enough to put anyone into counseling. Yet for some reason, everyone around them doesn’t seem to care, and this only makes the whole attempt of moral pushing even more unsuccessful.

In the fun town of Emmerdale, there may not be any partying going on, but Holly is still getting her kicks whilst herding the cows. Her morbid approach to the addiction is enough to turn anybody off taking drugs. It seems like a right boring habit!

In the streets of Albert Square, Phil Mitchell has been forced into going cold turkey, right before setting The Vic on fire. Whilst his effort in acting like a drug addict were beyond poor, he certainly made some good TV with his “Hereee’s Johnny” impression and crazy outbursts of “I NEED SOME CRACK!” (My friends and I sat and watched this scene on repeat as a form of entertainment).

So from watching the TV for the past hour and a half, a cocaine addiction seems like the more fun thing to be doing, yet I’m not that stupid. Unfortunately, none of these soaps have influenced my opinion in their attempts to make drug use look bad. And they wonder why we teens appreciate a program like Skins. I’d rather watch a couple of girls kissing each other on a bouncy castle after eating a cake filled of MDMA than the depressing lives of a soap-star.

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