The New Year Brings New Series

Not only does 2011 look set for great films, but January also brings many new series to some of our favourite TV programs, and some brand new ones altogether.

The American teen series, 90210, started its third series at the beginning of the month on E4. I’d missed the end of Series 2, but it seems that all that happened is a swap of girlfriends and boyfriends. The episode kicked off with an earthquake at Beverly Hills, “signifying both emotional and physical trauma everyone is going through.” What to expect from the series? Naomi’s breakdown, Liam and Annie getting together, Teddy’s darker side, and the endless conflicts between couples that we’ve seen many times before. Nothing new here; a bunch of rich, gorgeous ‘teenagers’ with their clichéd problems, yet I still enjoy to watch it.

The English, more realistic, version to this is our series of Skins. Bit of a controversial topic this one. All we can hope is that it’s an improvement on the last two series, though I can honestly say that Skins will never be as good as the original first two. With a somewhat unattractive cast, dressed in their very own stereotype (Yes, maybe their acting skills may counterbalance this), I don’t expect much. But I enjoy a bit of Arcade Fire in the trailer:

Another American favourite, Glee, also starts a new series on E4 this month. There’s not really a lot to say in the matter; a few new members but the same, but indeed amazing, covers of our favourite songs. It can never get boring.

BBC3 starts up its third series of Being Human this month too. I’m personally a big fan of BBC3. It wasn’t until university that I began watching it (until the early hours of the morning), which is when I became hooked when BBC3 ran the first two series on Sunday nights. A brilliant vampire/werewolf/ghost combo that avoids all the clichés that we see related with vampires these days. The main cast, as well, of Annie (Lenora Crichlow), Mitchell (Aidan Turner) and George (Russell Tovey) has become a trio that I love to watch.

Least anticipated is the eighth series of Channel 4’s Shameless. “Paul Abbott’s critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan.” A program that I loved in its first few series, but one that I don’t bother watching anymore, unless there’s nothing better is on and I can’t sleep. Thus, that’s all I have to say.

For brand new series, there is the 10 O’clock Live show which starts on January 20th – 2 great comedians (David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr), an hilarious journalist (Charlie Brooker) and a Radio 2 presenter who occasionally makes me laugh via Twitter (Lauren Laverne). Although it’s a concept that reminds me of Anchorman (yet they claim it’s a completely original idea on the advert), this should be a good watch.

If you still want more to watch in January, there is:

Episodes – January 10th – ITV1
An American sitcom about a British couple trying to recreate their UK comedy hit for US TV with disastrous results, featuring Matt LeBlanc and a few members of the cast of Green Wing.

Comedy Rocks – January 14th – ITV1
A stand-up comedy and music entertainment show hosted by Jason Manford.

Fast And Loose – January 14th – BBC2
An improvisation show starting this month by the co-creator of Whose Line is it Anyway? hosted by Hugh Dennis.

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