Falmouth’s Royal Street…Gathering

April 29th, 2011 will be a date well remembered around the whole world. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. A joyous occasion for all, hosting a number of marvellous street parties all over the UK to bring neighbourhoods together in celebration. But for the small town of Falmouth, Cornwall, the day saw a handful of students getting tipsy; a bit too hyped up to be described as a mass of ‘revellers’ who created an ‘out of control’ street party.

The Falmouth Packet reported ‘Falmouth street party ends with tasers and arrest’, focusing on the ‘party’ being the fault of the locally hated students yet specifically stating that the one person arrested was a middle-aged local man (as much as the report tries to hide this point around the over use of the word ‘student’).

It is not only the press over hyping the event though, some believe this was one of the biggest street parties in Cornwall, and that it will be remembered for a long time (or so my Facebook news feed says at least).

Well it seems I must have missed the ‘over 300 revellers’ getting ‘out of hand’, as when I arrived it was a quite a peaceful event, mainly filled of people coming and then soon leaving as the DJ’s music was asked to be turned down by police.

Yes, the crowd was mainly student orientated, and yes, everybody had a drink in their hand. But why it is being described out of control or even one of the best parties in Cornwall, I do not know. The beers I drank went in the bin bags provided, and as soon as a car came the majority of people were quick to move out of the way.

Yet again, the odd few students, or in this case a local man who threw a bottle at the police, are the main focus of the story, when that’s not quite how it happened.

For students and locals alike, it wasn’t that much of a big deal.

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