EP Review: My Name Is Ian – The Josh Baskins EP


The Josh Baskins EP is written and performed by 23-year-old Ian Williams who is previously from Yeovil, Somerset. Now living in Cardiff, Ian works with the label, Art Is Hard. His second EP was released on 18th July 2011 and is based on the 1988 film Big which starred Tom Hanks.

Opening with ‘Man Enough‘ and following with ‘I’m Breaking Down‘, the EP has a very grungey feel to it with distorted vocals and a fast paced guitar rhythm. The songs are very catchy and work really well together.

You can easily relate them to the film especially with the next song, ‘Compass Ring, Slam Dunk‘, with the lyrics playing a dominant part as you picture Tom Hanks jumping on a trampoline. This song shows how the EP works alongside the film at its best and gives off some real nostalgia.

I Miss My Home‘ then acts as a revelation, reflecting on the song title in a change of emotion with a slower pace, now putting the focus on Ian’s talent with clear vocals and only an acoustic guitar.

The End‘ closes the EP with this classic 90’s grunge again and another catchy beat; an overall enjoyable listen and this EP was only the beginning for Ian.

He has since released another EP as well, titled Don’t Cry Lion, You Are Only A Painting, which was released this month that you can listen to here.

You can listen to and download this EP here and you should also visit Ian’s blog and his Myspace page.

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