‘A Lonely Place to Die’ Heading For A US Release

(Written for BritScene)

British movie A Lonely Place To Die finally looks to be set for a US release. After receiving a high standard of reviews in the UK, with the Guardian describing it as “a tense, well-made mountaineering thriller with some spectacular effects that could finally make director Julian Gilbey’s name,” this is one to look out for.

The film, which you can see the trailer for below, follows five mountaineers who are hiking in the Scottish Highlands. When they try to get a young to safety after discovering her buried in a chamber in the wilderness, the group soon realise that they have entered a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the girl’s kidnappers.

A Lonely Place to Die was released in the UK in September this year and has been doing the rounds at a number of US film festivals. The film, which stars Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Karel Roden, Eamonn Walker, Sean Harris and Kate Magowan, will now be released in the US by IFC Films sometime early next year.

Director Julian Gilbey has now been signed to Sci-Fi movie Offworld by the film’s producer Lloyd Levin after commenting to Empire that, “A Lonely Place To Die is a movie after my own heart…I loved how physical and visceral it was.”

Empire described Offworld as being a “chock full of the kind of extra-terrestrials that’d give Dutch, Mac and the rest of the Predator crew pause for serious thought.”

“It’s kind of an intergalactic Naked Prey,” Levin continued, “A pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. There are lots of nasty creatures – some even on the good guys’ side.”

The script will be written by David Leslie Johnson, who is currently working on season two of The Walking Dead.

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