Jason Segel Talks ‘This Is Forty’ and Hopes To Make A Kids Adventure Film

(Written for HeyUGuys)

With the release of The Muppets a few months away (10th February, 2012), Jason Segel has this week confirmed that his character from knocked Up will return in Judd Apatow’s This Is Forty will be the same from Knocked Up and that he also hopes to make a new puppet film in vein of Goonies and Labyrinth.

Now that we’re all excited for the release of The Muppets, which you can read all about here, Segel has revealed to The Playlist this weekend that he hopes to return to his very first project in Hollywood that he sold the script for a decade ago, which will again combine live action and puppets.

“It’s a kids adventure movie in the style of ‘Goonies’ or ‘Labyrinth’ or something like that,” says Segel. “I think that’s the next big thing I’d like to try to tackle.”

Segel added that it may even include an entirely new kind of puppet, yet he remained quiet about any other details. “I don’t want anyone to steal [the idea] yet,” Segel responded. “There are parts I could play, but I’d be happy to just produce it.”

Segel also went on to discuss Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up sequel, This is Forty, which will follow Paul Rudd’s Pete and Leslie Mann’s Debbie from the original film taking the lead roles. Segel will be making a brief appearance in the film and confirmed that he will continue playing his original role as Jay, the inappropriate stoner.

“We just finished [shooting],” says Segel. “It’s the same character and it’s only a few scenes. I just pop in. It was kind of like a cameo that I did in that, which was fun. I’ve never done anything like that. I popped in for a couple of days and they treated me real nice. It was very little pressure. It was just about coming in and being funny and hanging out with the old gang. It was actually really fun.”

This is Forty also stars Leslie Mann and Megan Fox and is set to be released on 21st December, 2012.

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