First Trailer for ‘Safe’ Starring Jason Statham

(Written for BritScene)

The first trailer for Boaz Yakin’s Safe has been released by Yahoo Movies this week starring British actor Jason Statham in his typical ‘bad boy’ role, but this time he is on the side of good.

The action film, written and directed by Yakin, follows former elite agent Luke Wright (Statham) when he rescues a 12-year-old Chinese girl who has been abducted by a group known as the Triads. Mei is a maths prodigy and can remember any series of numbers in her head. She is sent to America by Triad Leader Han Jiao (James Hong), where she is forced to serve as a “counter” for their extortion racquets.

In the meantime, Wright wanders the streets of New York homeless and completely isolated from society, hovering on the edge of suicide after his wife was murdered by the Russian mafia.

One year later, Mei’s new adopted “father” Chang (Reggie Lee) brings her along to count some numbers, but she is violently kidnapped from the Triads by the Russian Mafia, who want the information she now has in her head β€” as does the corrupt Captain Wolf (Robert John Burke) of the NYPD.

Mei manages to escape but is unable to survive on her own. This is where Wright steps in. With the Triads, the Russian mafia, and now the police all on his back, Wright must now do his utmost best to protect this little girl’s life, but his heroic antics also bring life to his ghost-like self, giving him a reason not to throw himself under the next train.

Full of action, gunfights and, well, even more gunfights, Safe is set to be released on 2nd March, 2012. This is a typical Statham film, yet it still manages to look like it could be a decent watch. Decide for yourself and watch the trailer here.

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