First Clip of U2′s Larry Mullen Jr. Making His Acting Debut

(Published on BritScene)

This week we have a new clip of U2′s drummer, Larry Mullen Jr. making his acting debut in the English-language remake of Patrice Leconte’s award-winning French thriller, Man On The Train.

Directed by Mary McGuckian, and also starring the legendary Donald Sutherland, Man On The Train revolves around a thief (Mullan) who meets a retired small town poetry professor (Sutherland) when he arrives in town to rob a bank. After the professor offers the gangster shelter, the two strike up an unlikely friendship as the two start to envy the other. But by the week’s end, everything will change for them both.

Not only is this Mullen’s first attempt at acting, he also helped to produce the film and composed the soundtrack for this English remake. He actually holds up pretty well in this new clip, giving a seemingly solid performance as this mysterious sort of villain. We have no complaints at this end, but what do you think?

Man On The Train has already done the festival circuit and is now available on video-on-demand nationwide and in some theaters around the country. You can see the trailer here, and the new clip here.

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