New Trailer & TV Spot for Jason Statham’s ‘Safe’

(Written for BritScene)

A new trailer and TV spot for Boaz Yakin’s Safe has been released this week, this time starring British actor Jason Statham on the side of good.

The action film, written and directed by Yakin, follows former elite agent Luke Wright (Statham) when he rescues a 12-year-old Chinese girl, Mei, a maths prodigy who can remember any series of numbers in her head, who has been abducted from the Traids by the Russian mafia for the information she has been forced to remember.

Mei manages to escape but is unable to survive on her own, and this is where Statham steps in as his character, currently wanders the streets of New York homeless and completely isolated from society, hovering on the edge of suicide after his wife was murdered by the Russian mafia, chooses to help protect the young girl. With the Traids, the Russian mafia, and now the police all on his back, Wright must now do his utmost best to keep Mei safe and alive, as his heroic antics help to bring life back to his ghost-like self as well.

Full of action, gun-fights and, well, even more gun fights, Safe is set to be released on 27th April.

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