The Hunger Casual Games: Facebook Launch Tie-In Adventure

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

With the release of The Hunger Games this weekend, Facebook have launched The Hunger Games Adventures so that you can experience the games for yourself.

Launched today, The Huffington Post were given a world-exclusive first look at the new game earlier in the week. Now you can experience the game for yourself which, run by Funtactix, the company behind the online games for the movies Mission: Impossible and Rango, features the first official map of Panem, the fictional world that the story is set in.

According to Funtactix CEO Sam Glassenberg, The Hunger Games Adventures will be free to play, allowing the user to navigate and interactive through Facebook via their internet browser.

Players will be able to play a character bearing their own name and spend real-world money in order to purchase upgrades and tools to help their progress through the game. You will also be given in-game quests with the film’s main characters Katniss and Peeta, and also have your own “safe area” in the forest where you can recharge. It’s as if you’re actually in the games yourself….almost.

Moving away from the book and film, however, players will not be able to kill one another as the game is designed to be very child-friendly. So let’s just say it’s a Hunger Games themed Farmville for now.

From today only District 12 of North America will be explorable, but the other districts, as well as the Capitol itself, will be ‘unlocked’ in the future. At least it’s something to do until the next two instalments are put into the works.

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