Idris Elba Confirms Heimdall’s Return in ‘Thor 2’

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

Idris Elba, next to be seen as the captain of the spaceship in Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated sci-fi Prometheus, is to reprise his role as Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard, in Marvel’s Thor 2, Collider have reported this week.

He also commented that he wanted to get to know his character a bit more. “Who is Heimdall? He guards the gate. Okay. Is there anything else? I don’t know what is in the script because I haven’t read it yet. But, the audience has responded to Asgard and wants to know more about who lives there and what it’s about. I’m sure, if they do that, Heimdall will be featured more.”

Elba will start shooting for Thor 2 after he finishes playing Nelson Mandela in Justin Chadwick’s upcoming biographical drama Long Walk to Freedom.

He says: “My schedule is so packed this year, to the point where I really don’t have an address anymore. I’m going to be living on film sets for the next year. I literally moved out of a place and was not going to get a new one.”

Thor 2, which will be directed by Alan Taylor, is set to be released in November 2013, and will also see Chris Hemsworth re-take the lead as Norse God Thor with Tom Hiddleston as his protagonist brother Loki, both of whom were part of this year’s blockbuster The Avengers.

You can read the full interview with Elba here.

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  1. What I’m more confused about is the ending of Thor made a big thing about the two ( Chris and Nat) trying to get to one another again, but there was no mention of her when he returned to Earth for Avengers, even though the older guy ( her mentor) was in both movies. Any thoughts on that Charlie?


    1. They did briefly mention her. One of the agents told him they had put her in a safe place and it showed a picture of her on screen, I guess they didn’t want to draw on her too much as there was enough going on already. I think she will return for Thor 2 though and maybe they will go into this a bit better.


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