Tinker Tailor Soldier Sequel

(Written for Lost In The Multiplex)

Producer of the upcoming Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy sequel, Eric Fellner, has confirmed that work on the project is already underway this week.

Following up from director Tomas Alfredson’s surprisingly successful adaptation of the John le Carre spy novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which grossed over $80 million and earned Gary Oldman his first ever Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

The sequel, developed from the novel Smiley’s People, will involve Oldman’s George Smiley being called out of retirement for the last time.

Oldman was absolutely brilliant in the film’s predecessor so it’s exciting to know that he will have the chance to further develop his Smiley character, and hopefully we will get to see some other returning characters too, notably Benedict Cumberbatch’s, though fans of the novel will already know how the story is set to pan out.

In an interview with Collider at the press day for Working Title’s upcoming musical adaptation Les Miserables, Fellner provided a promising update on the film, revealing that they are already at work on the project.

“We are working on another one,” he commented. “[Producer] Tim Bevan is putting it together as we speak with [screenwriter] Peter Straughan and Tomas Alfredson, so yes it’s in development.”

It appears that Straughan, who co-wrote Tinker Tailor alongside Bridget O’Connor, has been brought back to pen the sequel for Alfredson, with Fellner adding that, “It did unbelievably well and it didn’t cost hardly anything… But things take time. Tim is passionate about making sure we do another one.”

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