Film Review: The Heat


Directed by Paul Feig, and serving as his follow-up to the hugely successful comedy Bridesmaids, The Heat follows a skilled but uptight FBI Special Agent, Sarah (Sandra Bullock), who is paired with a rebellious, foul-mouthed Boston cop, Shannon (Melissa McCarthy), to take down a ruthless drug lord. Whilst the two couldn’t be more incompatible, the two soon start to realise their similarities, however, and they may just become the last thing anyone expected – friends.

The Heat is funny, entertaining, and much better than I expected. There are quite a few inappropriate jokes but Feig is known for going that little bit further, and McCarthy is known for her crude but hilarious insults. Together their comedy might be on the border of racist, sexist, and albino-ist (or whatever the phrase may be), but without taking it too seriously you will find yourself caught up in all of its hysterical moments.

McCarthy and Bullock (a great twist on the typically male buddy-cop genre) are perfect in their roles and have a great chemistry together. McCarthy really seems to bring the best out of Bullock here, showing an enjoyable side to her acting, and together the duo keeps you laughing consistently throughout. McCarthy is horribly stuck in her new stereotype, though, but like her role in this year’s comedy Identity Thief she does have the chance to show some emotional range with a few scenes of tears.

The Heat certainly isn’t for everybody, but if you’re up for a laugh then there’s definitely one to be had.

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