7 Reasons To Look Forward To The Next Series of ‘Made In Chelsea’

(Written for Beamly)

It might not have been long since Made in Chelsea NYC departed from our screens, but we’re already anticipating the return of the Chelsea crew with the new series that’s on its way. Here are seven reasons why you should be getting excited for some all new drama in their eighth series, which is expected to air on E4 on 13th October.

1. We want Binky to find a nice guy!

After all the stress with Alex (who I was rooting for until the very end!), we want Binky to have a little fun and get back to her chirpy self. She seems to be on the up so, hopefully, Alex won’t ruin that. It looks like she’s about to start dating again so, hopefully, we can look forward to her having a good flirt with some hunky, new men.

2. To prove that Stevie’s a nice guy, really…

I don’t want Stevie to be cast in the pile of Spencer and most of the other male characters in MIC. I still believe that he’s a good guy at heart, so let’s hope that the new series proves that he has good intentions, and that he and Stephanie can make it work.

3. To see whose life Lucy can ruin next

From the trailer it looks as if Lucy will have her own problems in the next series, as she rips out Jamie’s heart as she enters into a relationship with Proudlock. It might introduce us to the best of her, as Proudlock could be the one to keep her bad side under control. But Jamie certainly isn’t going to give in, and it wouldn’t be a decent series with a few of Lucy’s evil glares and hilarious come-backs.

4. For the reappearance of Andy

The last series certainly missed his dimples and huge nostrils, but I think he’s going to lose his charm in the next series as it seems that he’s going to unnecessarily ruin Louise’s hot new romance. Which is a shame! It’ll be nice to have his wit back, but this story line seems too unrealistic.

5.Because we need Rosie to do something exciting

I’m still waiting for it to happen! We had her close encounter in a ‘slutty board game’ in the last series, and my wish for her to really show her personality was so close to happening, but it was all too quickly over. We need her to get involved in something big, and not for her to just be rolling her eyes in the background. Come on Rosie, get out there and do us proud!

6. To see if Mark will ever find his own romance

Mark and romance, it sounds odd to even think about let alone see. He’s always been one to comment on other’s drama, but he’s never had any of his own (we’re not counting the times when his waitress didn’t turn up or he couldn’t find the right material of fabric to make a new suit!) But I want Mark to get loved up! I want to see his charm in action, to see him spoil a girl (or boy?), and to throw his cash around on somebody else. But I guess we must face the reality that this is the unlikeliest of storylines to happen, so his constant innuendoes will have to do.

7. Because their drama simply never gets old

Whatever the series is going to throw at us, we are absolutely going to love it. No relationship ever works out, Spencer sleeps with just about everybody, and friendships are always under constant pressure, but we keep on wanting more. Make it cheesy, make it shocking, but most of all, make us lose all faith in humanity!

Just like this trailer…

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