5 Soap Characters We Want to Return

(Written for Beamly)

We’ve had a few of our favourite soap characters make a small reappearance over the last few weeks including believed-to-be dead Nasty Nick and The Queen Vic’s finest Peggy Mitchell, which got me thinking – what other soap characters, dead or alive, would we love to see make a big return?

1. Frank Butcher

Thinking of who I’d like to see return to one of the big soaps, Frank Butcher was the first name out of my mouth. I can picture him now, standing at somebody’s door with nothing on except a rotating bow tie… Well, we have to get our entertainment from somewhere. Frank and Pat were brilliant, and they’d certainly cheer the place up a little bit.

2. Grant Mitchell

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m a little bored of Phil at the minute. I want Grant back! Actor Ross Kemp has done some pretty entertaining things over the past few years with his investigative journalism documentaries, such as Ross Kemp on Gangs and, most recently, Ross Kemp: Back on the Frontline, so it would be quite the comical return for him. But I’d love for him to stir up some trouble! Kemp’s not ruled out returning either, so this one’s certainly an option.

3. Vera and Jack

One of soaps best couples. Their drama was never anything too exciting, but just to see them sat back in their armchairs and moaning about everybody else in Corrie would be fantastic.

4. Fred Elliott

I say, I say. Those were the days when Fred Elliott owned his butchers along with Ashley. Growing up, that was what Coronation Street was all about for me. Just to hear his voice in the street again is all I need.

5. Max and OB

To be completely truthful, Hollyoaks doesn’t have too many characters that I’d like to return, but Max and OB are certainly two of my favourites. To see them look after the now-grown-up Tom would be a delight, and they’d at least bring some much-needed fun to the soap.

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