Film Review: Tomorrowland


Dinsey’s latest live action film, Tomorrowland, is directed Brad Bird and co-written by Bird and Damon Lindelof. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius inventor Frank (George Clooney) and optimistic teen Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright young girl bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place known as Tomorrowland, that exists only in their collective memory.

It’s a film that many have criticised and has been considered a flop, but it’s also a film that has been deeply admired, and I must say that I am one of those admirers. We’re all too often faced with the same issues and stories and characters in films these days, so if you’re someone who has been calling for some originality and bravery, then Tomorrowland is a must watch.

This is a film that you must give a chance to, and if you have children or younger siblings then I implore you to take them to see this, as this was made for them more than anybody else. As the premise hints at and the Disney message shines through: the future is in their imaginative hands now. Who expected a Disney film to have such a powerful message? But that’s what they’re so good at. They make you pay attention, and this is certainly a film that will grab yours.

If for nothing else, watch this for the two fantastic leads from Clooney and Robertson (as well as a supporting role from Hugh Laurie!). It’s great to see Clooney back on-screen after what seems like a very long time, and also for Robertson to be getting the attention she deserves.

The two have a great chemistry and make this a whole lot of fun to watch, but my favourite bit of casting comes from young Frank, who is played by Thomas Robinson. Thomas is best known for his role in The Switch, an average comedy, but one worth watching for his sweet performance. He’s such a great young actor, as is Pierce Gagnon, known for his role in Looper, who plays Casey’s brother. I could watch a film starring these two alone because there’s such talent in these young actors.

It’s great that this film is lead as equally well by this young cast as it is by the brilliant Clooney, since that’s its target audience, but at the same, this is a film for the whole family to enjoy, just like Disney World itself.

Tomorrowland is daring, unique, inspiring, and magical, and it paints the same powerful messages that every animated Disney film tries to achieve.

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