Cinematographer Roger Deakins Will Shoot ‘Blade Runner 2’

(Written for Filmoria)

If you were asked to think of one of the best working cinematographers around at the minute, who would you say? I’m sure a name first on your list would be Roger Deakins, so it’s great news that he has now been confirmed to be shooting the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

When it was announced that Denis Villeneuve would be directing Blade Runner 2, most people already guessed that Deakins would be by his side. Well, you can guess no more, as all of your hopes have been met.

Alcon Entertainment announced the news earlier this week. The 12-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer will be reuniting with Villeneuve, marking their third collaboration after Prisoners and the upcoming Sicario.

A frequent collaborator of the Coen Brothers, Deakins also shot the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. Any film that you thought, “Wow, that looked fantastic”, was probably shot by Deakins, so he’s definitely the best name to be attached to the anticipated sci-fi sequel.

Scripted by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green and based on an original idea by Fancher and Ridley Scott, the untitled Blade Runner sequel takes place several decades after the conclusion of the 1982 original, and will see Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard.

Making a sequel of a classic, be it a year later or ten years later, is always a risky move. But the names linked to the film certainly make it sound more promising. And with rumours of Ryan Gosling being involved, too, we really can’t complain.

Production is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016.

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