Guardian Live Events Presents ‘3 1/2 Minutes’

Guardian Live Docs brings together some of the most compelling feature-length documentaries from around the world, in a double bill every month with a new Guardian commissioned short documentary.

Set to be screened on 30th September, Guardian Live presents their latest documentary, 3 1/2 Minutes.

Date: Wednesday 30th September, 2015
Time: 8.30pm–10pm
Place: Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly, London
Price: £15

Buy your tickets here.

One Friday in 2012, a white man and a black teenager argued over the volume of the music in the boy’s car. 3½ minutes later Jordan David, 17, had been shot three times. This powerful documentary follows the long journey that ensued, revealing how racial prejudice can result in tragedy.

In 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets, two lives intersected and were forever altered. On Black Friday in 2012, two cars parked next to each other at a Florida gas station. A white middle-aged male and a black teenager exchanged angry words over the volume of the music in the boy’s car. A gun entered the exchange, and one of them was left dead.

Michael Dunn fired 10 bullets at a car full of unarmed teenagers and then fled. Three of those bullets hit 17-year-old Jordan Davis, who died at the scene. Arrested the next day, Dunn claimed he shot in self-defense. Thus began the long journey of unraveling the truth. 3 1⁄2 Minutes follows that journey, reconstructing the night of the murder and revealing how hidden racial prejudice can result in tragedy.

After the screening there will also be a Q&A with director Marc Silver.

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