The New Trailer For ‘American Horror Story’ Season Five Is A Haunting Journey

(Written for Beamly)

A while back I gave 4 reasons why you should catch up with American Horror Story, and if you didn’t take my advice then, now you’ll be eager to watch the new series with the release of this exciting first trailer.

We’ve been teased Lady Gaga’s AHS debut for quite some time and now we’ve finally got a trailer for the highly anticipated American Horror Story: Hotel.

The fifth series in FX’s twisted anthology series, created by Ryan Murphy, is subtitled ‘Hotel’, as the new trailer ushers us through the halls past creepy children, serial killers, and many ghosts. But they’ll probably be the least scary thing about this new series.

The plot is as follows:

“Bisexual hotel owner The Countess (Lady Gaga) caters to a wide range of oddities, from sleazy drug addicts and sexually-obsessed models to a cross-dressing bartender named Liz Taylor. At the centre of it all is detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley), whose investigation into the Ten Commandments Killer leads him to the Hotel Cortez.”

It’s the first series to not star Jessica Lange which is a huge shame, but the new series has been receiving a lot of attention because of the casting of Lady Gaga, whose name flashes all over the promotional footage, instead.

The season will be interconnected to the first season, and according to the creators will see the reprisal of other characters, from subsequent cycles, around the sixth and seventh episodes.

The series will also see many returning cast members from previous seasons, as most of the seasons do, including Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare, Lily Rabe, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Chloë Sevigny, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Mare Winningham and Matt Bomer.

We’re scared already!

American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in the UK on Tuesday Oct. 20, on Fox.

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