Film Challenge: 31 Days of Horror 2017

On my Letterboxd account this month I have partaken in the film challenge, 31 Days of Horror. This month, I watched a horror film every day in celebration of Halloween.

I’ve done this challenge for the past 5 years, but this year I had no internet/Sky TV and films from moving house AND I had a 9-month-old baby, so it was much more difficult to do. But I managed to watch a few…

Here’s a list of what films I watched:

Film 1 – Underworld 5: Blood Wars (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 2 – I Am Not A Serial Killer (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 3 – Ouija 2: Original of Evil (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 4 – The Darkness (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 5 – The Other Side Of The Door (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 6 – The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) –

Review To Come.

Film 7 – Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter (2016) –

Review To Come.

Film 8 – Child’s Play 7: Cult of Chucky (2017) –

Review To Come.

Film 9 – The Purge 3: Election Year (2016) –

Review To Come.

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