Film Review: Rampage

Directed by Brad Peyton and based on the video game series of the same name, Rampage a primatologist (Dwayne Johnson) and a geneticist (Naomie Harris) who team up to stop three animals -a gorilla, a wolf, and a crocodile – from destroying Chicago after they are turned into raging creatures of enormous size as a result of a rogue experiment.


I’m a sucker for Dwayne Johnson films these days. Usually, they’re so cheesy and over-the-top but they still have great action, so they kind of work. This one doesn’t so much.

Very little stands out about this science fiction action, even the gigantic albino ape. Not even the cast! It’s just very basic and unexciting, lacking any laughs that would make you think, “Okay, you got me!”

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