Film Review: Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

Directed by J.A. Bayona, Fallen Kingdom sees the return of Jurassic World bigwig Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and raptor wrangler Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) as Isla Nublar’s previously dormant volcano is now very much active. With the de-extinct residents in serious danger of being wiped out all over again, Claire – who now heads up a dinosaur protection group – convinces a reluctant Owen to help mount a daring rescue mission. Arriving on the unstable island as lava begins raining down, their expedition uncovers a conspiracy that could return our entire planet to a perilous order not seen since prehistoric times.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom follows pretty much the same setting as Jurassic Park 2 when you think about it. It starts off with a visit to a zoo/park which has been taken over and then sees the dinosaurs shipped to the mainland. Only this time, we get to see more of what happens to these dinosaurs. I only hope a third film will see these worlds collide better as the dinosaurs will inevitably roam free.

It’s interesting to see the dinosaurs in a more domestic setting. I like the idea of them being sold at auction and people wanting to use them as weapons. I suppose that’s how it would really end up. But it’s not quite the same as seeing them in the wild in their [more] natural setting (excluding the bars).

Still, there’s plenty of chases and running and hiding, it’s just difficult for the franchise to keep up any originality now and this blockbuster just doesn’t have the impressive comeback factor of its predecessor.

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