TV Review: Ballers (Sky Comedy) – Season Five

The fifth and final season of Ballers aired in February 2020 and saw Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson), a retired NFL player turned financial manager of other NFL players, shaken out of retirement after receiving an offer he can’t refuse. Meanwhile, Joe (Rob Corddry) and Lance (Russell Brand) take a gamble on the future of Sports X, as Ricky (John David Washington) lands himself in hot water with Charles (Omar Benson Miller).

Overall Season Rating:

Ballers was a series that I didn’t expect to enjoy, but ended up loving. A lot of that is to do with Dwayne Johnson‘s and Rob Corddry‘s fantastic comedic chemistry, but there’s also a great supporting cast which has helped to kick off the acting career of the brilliant John David Washington.

But what I loved about the first three seasons, as well as the focus on NFL and the players, has become lost in these final two, so I wasn’t surprised to find out that the series had been cancelled. This final season does attempt to retouch on some of the sporting topics that the first season opened up some important discussions about, but it’s definitely too little, too late.

The only thing that I love about this fifth season is that we get to see Russell Brand on the TV again.

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