TV Review: The Outsider (Sky Atlantic) – Season One

Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, The Outsider follows a group of investigators who are confounded over an unspeakable crime that’s been committed, when the gruesome murder of a boy in the Georgia woods leads them to a mysterious force surrounding the case.

Overall Season Rating:

I feel like The Outsider is the series that I’ve been waiting for this year. And probably much longer than that, to be honest. I always keep an eye out on what Sky Atlantic has to offer because they’re the place to be for dark and moody thrillers with outstanding performances. Aside from last year’s excellent Chernobyl, they’ve not had one this good since the first season of True Detective (although Season 3 was pretty decent!), with The Outsider having a similar sinister feel to it.

There are so many great actors involved in this series. Jason Bateman first got me interested in it as one of the executive producers. Also starring in the first couple of episodes, his role really intrigued me into this eerie mystery. He was obviously incredibly underused, but alongside Ben Mendelsohn, Bill Camp, Marc Menchaca, and Paddy Considine, the show doesn’t drop in standards because of that. The cast all give such understated performances that suit the atmosphere perfectly. Cynthia Erivo, especially, really draws you into the ominous premise.

With a paranormal twist, The Outsider won’t be for everybody, but the quality of its look and feel may just be enough to entice any sceptic. The creepy ambience builds up a great tension and, although the final episode is somewhat anti-climactic, I’d definitely be up for another series of this, as the mid-credit scene seems to hint at.

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