TV Review: Liar (ITV) – Season Two

Created by Harry and Jack Williams, the second season of ITV’s Liar aired in March 2020 and sees Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) accused of the murder of Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd), a renowned surgeon who she had previously accused of rape, as she once again finds herself drawn into Andrew’s destructive path.

Overall Season Rating:

I really liked season one of Liar, but after it finished and we were given a glimpse at Andrew’s floating body which promised a return to the series, I couldn’t help but think, “But am I bothered who did it?” Now knowing the details behind his death, I’m still not sure whether I do or not.

There’s a lot to like about this second season, mostly because it is largely told in flashbacks and gives us some background into both Laura and Andrew’s pasts. I especially enjoyed learning about how Andrew turned into the creep we came to know him as with the introduction of Sam Spruell‘s Oliver, as we needed a reminder of why we wanted him dead with the huge gap in between series, so his story definitely refuels our hate for him.

Back in the present, the season also makes an effort to resolve some of the relationships that were broken in season one, as well as seeing some of the other women who Andrew assaulted come into the story more. So, it all progresses quite nicely, putting in a few twists along the way and introducing new characters to keep it fresh.

With the addition of Detective Renton (Katherine Kelly), as well, the investigation was certainly interesting enough to drag out. However, I just didn’t like Laura’s character in the end, and quickly grew tired of her whinging.

I had contemplated the ‘twist ending’ a few times and thought that it would have made a good ending. But by the final episode, it just didn’t seem to make any sense. I understand that they wanted to make a bigger point about abuse, specifically men who abuse women, but the rest of the series was working against this conclusion so hard (obviously in an attempt to fool us otherwise) that it just felt too forced in those final minutes to really matter.

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