TV Review: Appropriate Adult (ITV) – Miniseries

Originally aired on ITV in 2011, Appropriate Adult is a two-part miniseries that focuses on the way in which the Gloucester serial killers Fred (Dominic West) and Rosemary West (Monica Dolan) were brought to justice in 1994. During his time under police investigation, Fred was granted an appropriate adult, which role was given to housewife Janet Leach (Emily Watson). When she first attends a police interview with Fred, he confesses to killing his daughter. He then privately tells Janet that there were more victims, but appropriate adults cannot share conversations. Janet is given the opportunity to leave the case due to its distressing nature, but she resolves to continue in hopes of finding Fred and Rose’s other victims.


Another interesting true-crime drama from ITV, seeing the story of Fred and Rose West from an unusual point of view, but one that adds so much insight. I didn’t know about Janet Leach before watching this series, but it’s obvious that she played a pivotal role in encouraging Fred West to give details of his crimes, so for that, she undoubtedly deserves her own TV series.

Dominic West suits the character well and Emily Watson is always a delight.

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