TV Review: Criminal: UK (Netflix) – Season Two

The second series of Netflix’s police procedural anthology series created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith aired in September 2020. Set within the confines of a police interrogation room, the series follows a group of London investigators – Detective Chief Inspector Natalie Hobbs (Katherine Kelly), Detective Inspector Tony Myerscough (Lee Ingleby), Detective Constable Hugo Duffy (Mark Stanley), Detective Constable Vanessa Warren (Rochenda Sandall), and Detective Constable Kyle Petit (Shubham Saraf) – who engage in intense games of psychological cat-and-mouse with their suspects to find the answers that they need to solve their cases.

The latest series sees the team question Julia Bryce (Sophie Okonedo) when a routine interview with a convicted killer’s wife takes a provocative turn, arrogant businessman Alex (Kit Harington) who is accused of rape by a woman who works for him, Danielle Dunne (Sharon Horgan) who is the head of an online group that unmasks sexual predators, and Sandeep Singh (Kunal Nayyar), a shrewd convicted killer wanting to cut a deal.


After loving the first series of this, I couldn’t wait to get straight into the next. And I actually enjoyed this even more than the first.

The cases are even more interesting as you play detective along with the investigation team to decide innocent or guilty, and it certainly keeps you battling with the decision.

It’s great to see Kit Harrington back on our screens and he gives a great performance here, really making you question whether you want to believe him or not. I also loved Sharon Horgan‘s episode which takes things in a completely unexpected way, while Sophie Okonedo opens the the series with a great impact and Kunal Nayyar really gets under your nails.

This is definitely one of the most impressive series around at the minute, and if this lockdown is going to continue, I’m going to need more, please.

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