TV Review: Life (BBC One) – Season One

Written by Mike Bartlett and set in the world of Doctor Foster, Life premiered in September 2020 on BBC One and follows four people living in a converted Victorian house in Manchester which is divided into four flats. Gail (Alison Steadman) has become discontent with her marriage, Belle (Victoria Hamilton) is recently divorced, David (Adrian Lester) is recently widowed, and Hannah (Melissa Johns) is pregnant. As they all encounter new and disruptive influences in their lives, their stories begin to interweave in this series about the problems that happen in life that you just have to deal with.


Life is a beautifully-written drama that perfectly captures the emotions of real life – the love, the heartache, the fallouts, the friendships, the betrayals, and the simple acts of kindness. We all have good and bad in us and we all make mistakes, and this series shows the emotional rollercoaster of what it is to be human.

It’s the ensemble cast and dynamic characters that impressed me the most, though. Alison Steadman is fantastic, and I especially liked the performances from Calvin Demba and Saira Choudhry. Steadman and Demba often made me smile and I’d love to know what happens to them next.

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