Book Review: The Betrayal (Olivia Sinclair #1) by Terry Lynn Thomas

“Olivia Sinclair’s life fell apart on the day of her sixty-second birthday.”

Set to be released on 7th January 2021, The Betrayal by Terry Lynn Thomas is the first in a planned Olivia Sinclair series. The story follows attorney Olivia Sinclair who is shocked to receive an anonymous video showing her husband Richard sleeping with someone else. After years of handling other people’s divorces, she thought she could recognise a marriage in trouble. She angrily throws Richard out of the home they share. But days later she’s arrested—for the murder of his mistress. Olivia knows she’s innocent but, with all the evidence pointing at her and an obvious motive, she must find the real killer to clear her name. She may be used to dealing with messy divorces, but this one will be her most difficult case yet. Olivia’s husband has already betrayed her: would he set her up for murder?


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Betrayal is a thriller that grabs you from the beginning. Full of seedy characters, ruthless betrayals, and intelligent police and legal procedural, it’s an immensely enjoyable read that keeps you on your toes.

When this story began and it said that Olivia was celebrating her sixty-second birthday, I wondered if I would be able to relate to her character and if there would be enough action to keep me engaged. But I needn’t have worried. I loved Olivia’s character and the fast-paced story provides plenty of action to keep tensions high.

With only 234 pages, I devoured this in one sitting and had a lot of fun doing so. I had a lot of suspicions early on but I couldn’t predict how the story was going to play out. It certainly kept me intrigued, and if the series is going to continue with Olivia joining the Truth Project, I’m definitely interested to read more!


The Betrayal by Terry Lynn Thomas
Release Date: 14th January 2021
Print Length: 234 pages
Genre: Legal Thriller
Publisher: HQ

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