BLOG TOUR: Into The Woods by David Mark

Set to be released on 21st January, Into The Woods By David Mark follows investigative journalist Rowan Blake who is looking for an idea for his next book. He’s soon reminded of the case of three school-friends thirty years ago who went missing after taking a walk in the woods. Only two came back – their memories a jumble of hallucinations and twisted visions. But why did nobody look for the missing girl?


Today is my stop on the blog tour for this book. Thank you to Aria & Aries and NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Missing children, rumours of a cult, and a hidden story about what really happened in the woods thirty years ago and why the police didn’t do their job properly, the dark premise of Into The Woods is an alluring promise of sinister ongoings and disturbing truths that is sure to have you intrigued.

Brilliantly written and full of captivating descriptions that detail the supernatural setting well, this is a chilling book that has obviously been excellently researched. You can sense that David Mark is a great journalist and that he’s spent a lot of time getting to understand the themes of his book. And just like his character, Rowan, you can see the passion in his writing.

Rowan is a sympathetic character as he is struggling to heal, fighting despair and self-loathing, and trying to re-establish himself as a credible journalist. But just like the book’s setting, it’s quite an unconventional story with its focus on spiritual energies, the supernatural, and holistic philosophies. I loved learning about Shamans and found so much of the book interesting in its exploration of unorthodox practises, but I struggled to find the “hippy” characters relatable so I wasn’t always completely enthusiastic to carry on.

The problem is that Into The Woods is a real slow burn–one that took me almost half of the book to really find myself invested in it. There’s a lot of detail with little plot progression so you do have to stick with it at times. But I got there in the end, and the revelations in the second half will soon have you gripped as the ominous feeling takes over.

Even though I didn’t love this book, I can tell that David Mark is an excellent writer and will be definitely be checking out some of this other books, which I have only heard great things about. And as the first instalment in a planned trilogy, I’m certainly interested to find out more about Rowan.


Into The Woods by David Mark
Release Date: 21st January 2021
Print Length: 448 pages
Genre: Dark Thriller
Publisher: Head of Zeus / Aria & Aries

Buy on: Amazon


If you go into the woods, you’re in for a dark surprise.

Thirty years ago, three girls followed a stranger into the woods. Only two returned. The surviving pair have never been able to remember what happened or what the fate of the third girl was. Local rumours talk of hippies and drugs and mystic rituals, but no one has learned the truth.

This story is just what Rowan Blake needs. He’s in debt, his journalistic career is in tatters – as well as his damaged body – and he’s retreated to the Lake District to write. Yet even Rowan isn’t prepared for the evil he is about to unearth, for the secrets that have been buried in that wood for far too long…

About The Author:

David Mark spent more than fifteen years as a journalist, including seven years as a crime reporter with the Yorkshire Post. His writing is heavily influenced by the court cases he covered: the defeatist and jaded police officers; the competent and incompetent investigators; the inertia of the justice system and the sheer raw grief of those touched by savagery and tragedy.

He writes the McAvoy series, historical novels and psychological suspense thrillers. Dark Winter was selected for the Harrogate New Blood panel (where he was Reader in Residence) and was a Richard & Judy pick and a Sunday Times bestseller. He has also written for the stage, for a Radio 4 drama (A Marriage of Inconvenience) and has contributed articles and reviews to several national and international publications. He is a regular performer at literary festivals and also teaches creative writing.

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