Book Review: Everything Is Going To Be Okay by Samantha Baldwin

Everything Is Going To Be Okay by Samantha Baldwin follows Amanda, who led a fairly ordinary life until she met Damian. He swept her off her feet, whisked her away on exotic holidays, wined and dined her at expensive restaurants and showered her with compliments. But lurking beneath the charming exterior were sinister secrets Damian had been carrying since childhood, secrets that slowly began to surface. Two sons and a failed marriage later, nothing could have prepared her for the extent of her ex-husband’s deception. The truth starts to emerge one December evening, when Amanda’s eldest boy Lewis reveals why he is so scared of his father.


This is a hard book for me to review as I’ve met Samantha before and have followed her personal story, so it’s hard for me to say what I think about this as a piece of fiction when all I’m feeling is respect for her courage to share this story.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay does a brilliant job of bringing this issue of sexual abuse to light but also of providing details on the warning signs to be looking out for. I applaud her for her efforts in raising awareness about such a heart-aching issue that can often go unspoken about. It’s stories like this that will give people the courage to discuss their own experiences, and also for the family court to learn about their wrongdoings and see the gaps in their care.

As a piece of fiction, I would have maybe wanted this book to be more delicate in how the boys’ truth comes out as it feels quite brash in the details of their experience, shocking more than emotionally connected you to the story. But this isn’t a made-up story that’s written with the aim of tugging at your heartstrings. It isn’t a sensitive subject that can be glossed over and, saddest of all, stories like this don’t always have a happy ending.

Instead, the purpose of Samantha’s book is to make you see the reality of how these situations play out, how the truth coming out feels like a disaster striking rather than an emotional confession. It’s appalling what has happened to this family, and to the families of many others who have likely experienced something similar. There are so many injustices in the court system and this is one of the worst examples.

Thank you, Samantha, for writing this book.

You can read this book for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it for only 77p.

About The Author:

Samantha is a devoted mother to two wonderful boys. However, she cannot name them due to legal reasons.

Due to unforeseen events, she is now a campaigner intent on exposing the corruption and malpractice within Britain’s secret family courts, who are failing children time and time again and costing many children their lives.

The family court uses a balance of probabilities, meaning that solid evidence is often ignored and the court make absurd findings without a shred of evidence. Child abuse victims are often not believed, with protective parents being vilified. In some tragic and all too frequent cases, children are removed from their protective parent and forced by the state to live with their abuser.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay is Samantha’s first book.

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