TV Review: The Bay (ITV) – Season Two

Written by Daragh Carville, The Bay first aired on ITV in 2019. The second season sees D.S. Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) of the West Lancashire Police Service who, now that her suspension is over, has been demoted. Now working under D.C Ahmed ‘Med’ Kharim (Taheen Modak), the team are investigating the shooting of a solicitor who is shot on his doorstep. To complicate Lisa’s life further, her ex-husband Andy (Joe Absolom) reappears.


The Bay returns with a bang (quite literally) and delivers a couple of big shocking moments to get you instantly re-interested in a series that we’ve been waiting for nearly two years to return.

With an interesting story, this second season is set up brilliantly which Morven Christie strongly leads. But it feels like it could have been condensed into a 90-minute long episode rather than six episodes. And even though there are many minor characters who weave in and out, most of them seem to have little significance.

With a number of storylines going on at once, the series promises to see some big twists. But the final episode is a bit of a letdown. The revelations aren’t all that shocking and I still feel like there’s so much that I want to find out.

This latest season certainly starts off with some great potential, but it ended with me waiting for more.

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