Book Review: Trust Me by TM Logan

“Two strangers, a child, and a split second choice that will change everything…”

Set to be published on 18th March, Trust Me by TM Logan sees Ellen take her seat on a train journey home, when a stranger asks her to hold her baby. The weight of the child in her arms making Ellen’s heartache for what she can never have. Five minutes pass. Ten. The train pulls into a station and Ellen is stunned to see the mother hurrying away down the platform, without looking back. Leaving her baby behind. Ellen is about to raise the alarm when she discovers a note in the baby’s bag, three desperate lines scrawled hastily on a piece of paper: “Please protect Mia. Don’t trust the police. Don’t trust anyone.” Why would a mother abandon her child to a stranger? Ellen is about to discover that the baby in her arms might hold the key to an unspeakable crime. And doing the right thing might just cost her everything.


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Trust Me is a high-octane and addictive thriller, starting at full speed with a brilliantly intense opening and not hitting the brakes until the final sentence.

Ellen is an incredibly determined character and is obviously more experienced than she lets on. Part of you loves this feistiness in her, but part of you is on the edge with the constant danger that she puts herself in. But would you do the same? You find yourself constantly asking this question, as having a baby at the centre of all this danger changes your perspective on everything. It’s a great concept by TM Logan as it really puts you in the front seat and tests your nerves.

It does grow a tiny [only TINY!] bit tedious that nobody gives Ellen any answers as this is the type of thriller where every character tells her that it’s for her own good that she doesn’t get involved. But it all adds to the mystery at the end and leaves you desperate to find out what’s going on.

There are many red herrings to keep changing your opinion about who’s behind all of this, as you really do not know who to trust. And that’s what makes this such an enjoyable ride. Just when you think you can like one character, their cover seems to slip and you have to question their motives all over again.

This is undoubtedly a thriller that you want to experience this year. Take your seat, get yourself comfy, and make sure you strap yourself in!


Trust Me by TM Logan
Release Date: 18th March 2021
Print Length: 432 pages
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Publisher: Zaffre

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