Book Review: Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail by Beatrice Blue

Set to be released on 13th April, Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail by Beatrice Blue follows Theodore who has a little boat and a big passion: collecting fish. He loves nothing better than discovering a new fish. But one day, he finds something he’s never seen before: a tiny creature in a beautiful shell. Ignoring the voice that tells him to leave her alone, he takes her home. But in a tank, she gets weaker and weaker. Can Theodore learn that the creature belongs in the ocean, before it’s too late?


Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail is an absolutely stunning book with a very important story. It’s heartwarming and enchanting and gives a powerful message that seems more relevant today than it ever has.

Using the concept of how mermaids got their tails, the story is handled brilliantly and is one that readers of different ages will take something different from. For younger readers, it talks about the importance of looking after animals and our seas and oceans, and for older readers it’s more about suitability, both of which are vital messages.

The illustration and bright colours are absolutely gorgeous and I love that every single sea creatures looks different. The attention to detail is truly impressive and this would be a wonderful book for any child to have on their shelf.


Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail by Beatrice Blue
Release Date: 13th April 2021
Print Length: 40 pages
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

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