Book Review: Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

“When you have it all, you have so much more to lose.”

Set to be released on 15th April, Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner follows heavily pregnant Helen as she attends her first antenatal class. Helen has it all. Daniel is the perfect husband, Rory is the perfect brother, and Serena is the perfect sister-in-law. She’s also finally pregnant after years of tragedy. But when her loving husband doesn’t turn up to class, Helen wasn’t expecting to find a new friend in Rachel. Extroverted, brash, and unsettling, Rachel just wants to get to know Helen and her friends and her family. Everything about them. Every little secret…


Thank you to Tandem Collective and Bloomsbury Publishing for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Greenwich Park is a sharp and clever slow-burning book that furtively builds up with tension to reveal a twisty and exhilarating finale.

Brilliantly written and constantly interested, I devoured this book in one day as I was enjoying it so much. It’s an easy book to get through and although it is slow-paced, there’s always something going on to keep the tension high. It’s also a book where you know that everything will be revealed at the last minute, so your eagerness to find out how it will all come together and how Rachel fits into the puzzle grows rapidly throughout.

The timeline follows the weeks of Helen’s pregnancy which I really enjoyed. It’s also told through multiple narratives which allows you to see the story from different points of view, and there’s also an unnamed narrative to keep you constantly on the edge of your seat with speculation.

I didn’t particularly like any of the characters as everybody around Helen is so unsupportive, which makes it hard to like Helen as she’s under the thumb of everybody else. But this only heightens your intrigue as you fully expect every character to have a dark secret. And although Helen may be gullible, you can’t help but feel for her when things are finally revealed.

The final few chapters came as a huge surprise and I couldn’t piece it together myself at all. I had such a good time reading this one. As a debut novel, I’m massively impressed and can’t wait to see what Katherine Faulkner writes next.


Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner
Release Date: 15th April 2021
Print Length: 427 pages
Genre: Domestic Thriller
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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