Book Review: The Cottage On Sunshine Beach (Sandcastle Bay #2) by Holly Martin

“Life by the sea is pretty much perfect, there’s just one thing missing…”

The Cottage On Sunshine Beach is the 2018 book by Holly Martin which is set in the delightful seaside village of Sandcastle Bay. Melody Rosewood loves her new home here, a beautiful little cottage on the edge of the beach, with its bright yellow door and view of the sea. She loves being close by to her family and best friend Tori Graham, and to the gorgeous Jamie Jackson with his cheeky grin and adorable puppy.

From the moment he and Melody met, sparks flew. But despite their instant attraction, a past heartache is holding Jamie back. As Melody starts to make a life for herself in the close-knit community, she realises that Jamie could be the one for her. But as the two of them take a chance on romance, it’s one dating disaster after another. Are they destined to always be just good friends? Or will Melody finally find her happily-ever-after in Sandcastle Bay?


The Cottage On Sunshine Beach is a light-hearted and sunshine-filled chick-lit that will leave you full of warmth for days after. I was constantly smiling while reading this book and 100% invested in the romance from page one.

The second book in the Sandcastle Bay series, I didn’t realise this beforehand but I had absolutely no problems getting to know the characters. They are such a great and quirky set of characters to spend a few hours with, especially in the idyllic Sandcastle Bay which sounds like a dream, and I love the kindness that they spread around.

It’s such an uplifting book and an absolute delight compared to the typical thrillers that I read, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It’s nice to take a break from your normal reading habits now and then, and I’ll be sure to read by Holly Martin when I need a book holiday!

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