Book Review: Inspired Inner Genius Series

Inspired Inner Genius has created a series of biographical books to introduce historical figures to young readers, designed to inspire the inner genius of your kids.

They are the perfect start for any child to begin reading non-fiction and biographies. Each illustrated biography also includes a profile page, gallery, and glossary, reinforcing your child’s learning with simplified explanations of advanced vocabulary and helping to deepen your child’s knowledge about these real-life icons.

Geared to boys and girls aged from 5 to 10 years old (although they are suitable for younger readers too, with some guidance), if you’re child is interested in reading, they’re sure to love this series.

There’s something for everybody too, featuring the names and faces of a whole host of icons including historical figures, modern innovators, and modern-day sports stars.


Thank you to Inner Genius for a gifted physical copy and series of the digital copies in exchange for an honest review.

Book 1: Albert Einstein

We may all know Albert Einstein’s name and some basic facts about his life, but it was great to learn more about him. His life story gives a great message of reaching for your goals, and that anything is possible, no matter how big your dream. I especially love the Glossary at the end of the book which will be very insightful for avid science fans.

Book 2: Steve Jobs

I love that they have picked Steve Jobs for their second book, as he’s a modern inventor but still someone very important. And his childhood is just as inspirational as his adult life, as he was an adopted child who wasn’t taken very seriously, so it’s a great message for young readers. His life story is told in a very child-friendly way and as someone invented so much of what we use today, he’s a very exciting person for readers to learn about.

Book 3: Amelia Earhart

The story of Amelia Earhart is told here in a concise and informative way, with fun illustrations to help young ones remember the key details of her life. Earhart was such an inspirational female character and her life story is a brilliant one to encourage readers to chase their dreams.

Book 4: Kobe Bryant

What I love most about this series is the diverse range of people that they are based on, from historical figures to modern innovators. Kobe Bryant is a brilliant addition to the series, and it’s great to see the inclusion of a sporting star which will be inspiring for many young readers. He worked hard and never gave up, which is a great message to pass onto our children.

Book 5: Ada Lovelace

This is the first book in the series where I didn’t know who the historical figure was (Appalling, I know!), so I found this one particularly interesting. This is another inspirational story, especially for women as Ada wanted to break from the boundaries of her time and be more than just somebody’s wife.

Book 6: Alexander Hamilton

I’m a big fan of the Hamilton musical so I was excited to read this one in the series. Hamilton is another inspirational historical figure who was determined to make a difference, despite growing up as an orphan. His work made such a difference to the world and it’s definitely a story worth teaching our young ones, and this book tells it in a really interesting and child-friendly way.

Book 7: Anne Frank

The events of WW2 are some of the most important historical lessons that young people will learn about during school and the story of Anne Frank is a brilliant one to help children understand the harrowing situation. I have visited her house myself and she was such a brave and inspiring person, so this a brilliant instalment in this series.

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