Book Review: The Boy In The Well by Dan Clark

“A time to mourn. A gruesome find. A race for the truth.”

Published earlier this year, The Boy In The Well by Dan Clark follows grieving Carolyn who goes to stay with her mother in a quiet, rural town after her husband and son are killed in a tragic car accident. Hoping the break will help her cope with her loss, she soon discovers that the small town holds unforgivable secrets. One she stumbles upon when she discovers the body of a young boy down a well – only to find he has disappeared when she returns with the police. The local residents doubt her discovery and blame it on her current state of mind. But with somebody determined to stop Carolyn from uncovering the truth, she knows that she needs to prove what she saw. Not just for the boy and his family, but also for herself.


Fast-paced and full of suspense, The Boy In The Well is a tense mystery that will grip you from the start and keep you guessing all of the way through.

There are a lot of thriller tropes such as Carolyn’s grief giving her the determination to unravel a crime that she has no connection to and the police not believing her state of mind which allow the story to progress as it does, but this is such a great debut by Dan Clark. The story is brilliantly written, the characters feel very real, and their emotions compel you to want to find out the truth.

The book is currently available on Kindle Unlimited and is definitely worth checking out! I can’t wait to see what Clark writes in the future.

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