Audiobook Review: Talking With Psychopaths and Savages: Beyond Evil by Christopher Berry-Dee

Published in 2019, Talking With Psychopaths and Savages: Beyond Evil by Christopher Berry-Dee delves even deeper into the savage world of psychopaths and their hideous crimes. This time, however, he combines sections on killers whom he has known, interviewed or corresponded with, with studies of psychopathic serial killers from the past, including Peter Kürten, the ‘Düsseldorf Monster’, John Christie, responsible for the killings at 10 Rillington Place; and Neville Heath, a ladykiller in every sense of the word.


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve read one of Berry-Dee’s books before and am always impressed by the in-depth and personal insight that he is able to shed on some of the most psychopathic minds that we have ever seen. And although Beyond Evil feels more like the leftovers over his previous books, constantly referring to his earlier work, there’s still a lot of interesting conversations discussed.

Beyond Evil is an eye-opening examination of the evil actions some will do to others while managing to pass as an ordinary person on the outside. Most of all, it highlights the problem of identifying psychopaths who kill, which I think is always a fascinating conversation. How do you know somebody is evil? How do you know who is telling the truth?

This instalment in Berry-Dee’s true-crime series doesn’t go as in-depth as I would expect and it often drifts from topic to topic. It certainly doesn’t seem up to Berry-Dee’s usual standard, seemingly purposed to include everything left on the cutting room floor from the main books in the series, but there was still a lot that I enjoyed learning more about. The final section based on Carol Bundy is by far the most interesting section, anyway, and ends the book on a high.

Audiobook Review:

The audiobook version narrated by Colin Mace is brilliant and I would definitely consider listening to the rest of Berry-Dee’s books in this format.

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