Book Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

“His declaration pierced through the muscle of her heart like a skillfully thrown knife. It was the kind of pain that made her feel alive.”

Originally published in 2017, There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins follows highschooler Makani Young who thought she’d left her dark past behind her in Hawaii, settling in with her grandmother in landlocked Nebraska. She’s found new friends and has even started to fall for mysterious outsider Ollie Larsson. But her past isn’t far behind. Then, one by one, the students of Osborne Hugh begin to die in a series of gruesome murders, each with increasingly grotesque flair. As the terror grows closer and her feelings for Ollie intensify, Makani is forced to confront her own dark secrets.


I read so many bad reviews before reading this book that I was a little nervous going into it. But I was in need of a quick and exciting read and this filled the gap perfectly.

There’s Someone Inside Your House is a fast-paced and entertaining young adult thriller that I had a lot of fun reading.

The murders aren’t particularly gorey as it is a young adult thriller, so I wasn’t expecting it to be a gruesome slasher anyway. Still, it was a lot darker than I expected at times, especially compared to books in the same genre that I’ve read previously.

I really liked all of the characters in this book, as well, even though I questioned them all at one point. And while romance doesn’t always have its place in horror, especially teenage infatuations, I actually enjoyed the developing relationships and feel like Perkins got the emotions of their age spot-on. There’s a great diverse cast of characters, too, so I definitely think that Perkins ticks all of the boxes.

At only 287 pages, of course I would have liked it to be more developed at times. But this is exactly the book that I needed right now, and I think readers will really enjoy it if they go in with the right expectations.

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