Book Review: The Dinner Guest by BP Walter

“Four people walked into the dining room that night. One would never leave.”

Published earlier this year, The Dinner Guest by BP Walter follows four people who sit down at the table, ready for dinner: Matthew, the perfect husband. Titus, the perfect son. Charlie, the perfect illusion. Rachel, the perfect stranger. But one will never leave.


The Dinner Guest is a fast-paced and entertaining domestic thriller that instantly drops you in the deep end. With a shocking opening and a questionable confession, it keeps you guessing throughout and is a difficult one to predict.

Following husband and husband Matthew and Charlie, it’s so refreshing to have an LGBT relationship at the centre of this thriller. They are such engaging characters. Although they each have their flaws, it’s the conflicts between them that keeps you so engrossed.

The theme of privilege is brilliantly discussed and I love how this fits into the story. With so much deceit, lies, secrets, adultery, drugs, and a dab of teenage rebellion, this character-driven story is absolutely full of suspense and originality.

So pour yourself a glass of wine and take a seat, because you’ll easily devour this in one sitting. It’s no wonder that the film rights have already been picked up as it’s a thoroughly entertaining read. I definitely recommend adding it to your wishlists if you haven’t got to it already.

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