BLOG TOUR: Big Splash Circus by Karina Choudhrie

Big Splash Circus by Karina Choudhrie is set at the greatest show under the sea, The Big Splash Circus, where Lantern Fish is yet to discover his part in the show. Still searching for his special talent, his friends are keen to help as they don’t like to see him sad. Can you help to find his special talent? Get ready for the underwater adventure to begin.


Today is my stop on the Kaleidoscopic Book Tour for this book. Thank you to Clink Street Publishing for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My eldest loves sea creatures, especially the weird and mysterious ones that lurk in the midnight zone. So when I saw that Big Splash Circus centred on an anglerfish, I knew this would be a book that he would love.

The animation is very cutesy with pastel colours and soft edges, which many young readers will enjoy as it makes the characters look very friendly. My boy much prefers to see more realistic images, but sharp teeth and angry faces definitely wouldn’t appeal to most children his age and I love how original the animation feels.

The story is written in a very straightforward way which means that it would be a great book for young ones to practise reading with. It also gives a great message about finding your strengths, being true to yourself, and not being afraid of standing out from the crowd, which is a very important lesson for young readers that is told in a way that is very easy for them to understand.


Big Splash Circus by Karina Choudhrie
Release Date: 25th November 2021
Print Length: 42 pages
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age: 4-7
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Buy here: Amazon


The Big Splash Circus is the greatest show under the sea! Lantern Fish is searching for his special talent and is yet to discover his part in the show. His friends are keen to help as they don’t like to see him sad. Can you help to find his special talent? Get ready for the underwater adventure to begin.

About The Author:

Karina is Creative Director of K&CO which produces fine Jewellery. A Gemologist by profession, Karina is personally involved in the design process of all of the brand’s creations. She takes inspiration from many sources all over the world, including her birthplace in India. Having started her own fine jewellery business in 2009, Karina has since established business roots in London, despite the business having a global reach.

Aside from running her own business, Karina has written a Children’s Story book “Big Splash Circus” which has been a labour of love from its creation with all it’s unique characters and illustrations designed by Karina. The book has been published and is available worldwide.

In 2014, Karina was approached by The Elephant Parade which is responsible for the world’s largest elephant tour. The tour features life size model elephants which are hand painted and designed by selected artists from all backgrounds. Karina created two elephants called “Than Ying” and “Ice Creamy” which have been unveiled and toured the UK culminating in an auction. The Elephant Parade is close to Karina’s heart as she was brought up in India and it fights for the preservation of the Indian elephant which is an endangered species.

Karina is a supporter of The UK National Committee for UN Women, which is the voice for UN Women in the UK, and supports the work of UN Women in its mission for gender equality and the empowerment of women. Karina is also on The Board of The Columbia Children’s Hospital in New York and is a global guardian for UNICEF. Karina’s philanthropic approach is something that is constantly evolving, as is her business.

As a naturally creative person, Karina, alongside her husband, has a keen eye for art and they are passionate collectors, having amassed a wide array of modern, European and Indian art on their travels. As a mother of two, Karina has become increasingly interested in nutrition and general wellbeing and has several qualifications in this field.

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