Book Review: One Of Us Is Next (One of Us Is Lying #2) by Karen M. McManus

“I can’t stop thinking about how rare it is to have someone you can be completely real with, even when things get raw and uncomfortable and a little scary.”

The 2020 sequel to One of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus where, back at Bayview, someone has started playing a game of Truth or Dare. But this is no ordinary Truth or Dare. This game is lethal. Choosing the truth may reveal your darkest secrets, accepting the dare could be dangerous, even deadly. The teenagers of Bayview must work together once again to find the culprit, before it’s too late.


A brilliantly written young adult thriller, One Of Us Is Next is another enjoyable and refreshing teen murder mystery set at Bayview High where, a year later, students are still recovering from the events surrounding Simon’s death.

With the premise of a deadly game of truth or dare, this is exactly the kind of concept that I look for in a thriller. Of course, things don’t get too dark as this is a YA book, but it certainly makes for an entertaining read.

McManus does a brilliant job of keeping the story fun and compelling. While I didn’t find it as exciting or fast-paced as One of Us Is Lying with not so much suspicion being thrown around, I still really liked all of the characters, so I had a great time experiencing another murder mystery with them.

If you like easy but still surprising thrillers, then this is definitely a sequel worth getting to. I may be getting too old to really engage with young adult books these days, but McManus is always an author I can rely on for a quick and exciting read.

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