Book Review: Deep Water by Emma Bamford

“This summer, prepare to visit paradise…”

Set to be released on 7th July, Deep Water by Emma Bamford follows newly-wed couple Jake and Virginie who leave behind their busy lives in London behind and buy a yacht, looking to travel and explore. During their time in Malaysia, they hear of an isolated island full of unspoiled beaches. When they arrive, they discover they are not the only visitors and quickly become entangled with an alternative community of sailors, living a back-to-basic lifestyle. But is life there as idyllic as it seems? Soon, Jake and Virginie’s adventurous dream turns into a terrifying nightmare.


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A luxury adventure to an exotic island gone wrong, Deep Water is a slow-burning mystery with an atmospheric setting that may not leave you racing to the final page, but is sure to get you comfy with the feel of the sun on your shoulders and the taste of salt in the air.

The story starts on a navy vessel in the middle of the Indian Ocean which receives a mayday call from Virginie’s private yacht, claiming that her husband is in need of urgent medical care. From here, Virginie tells the captain her story, claiming to have “killed them all”. Well, consider me gripped!

I really enjoyed this format as you’re left to wonder what eerie situations this once-happy couple found themselves in for things to have gone so wrong. And while it is slow and all quite smooth sailing for a long time, the characters are strongly developed and the setting is described well, so I easily felt at home with Jake and Virginie on their yacht.

The author spent three years living on yachts and exploring the world, and you can tell that she’s had plenty of experience to inspire her writing. This isn’t the kind of thriller with brutal murders, sadistic characters or unbelievable truths, but is instead one that you can imagine Bamford thought possible during her own adventures.

So while it may not be a thriller that will shock you to the core, it’s a brilliantly written story with strong characters and some interesting turns. If you’re okay with a slower-paced read and a more domestic thriller that could very well happen to anyone sailing the seas and exploring paradise islands, then this is most definitely a book that I would still recommend. Just don’t go expecting anything more, as you may be left unsatisfied.


Deep Water by Emma Bamford
Release Date: 7th July 2022
Print Length: 399 pages
Genre: Adventure Thriller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

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