Book Review: Sweet Dreams (Ewert Grens #10) by Anders Roslund

The tenth book in Anders Roslund‘s Ewert Grens series and set to be published on 15th September, Sweet Dreams follows Detective Ewert Grens who finds a connection between two little girls who went missing on the same day in Stockholm, whose disappearances were never explained. In time, the investigations are abandoned, and the girls are pronounced dead. But Grens is determined to find out what happened to these children who were snatched away from their families and never seen again, whose coffins lie empty in the local graveyard.

Now, his search leads him into the most repulsive recesses of the dark web and the discovery of a paedophile ring that can only be cracked from the inside. Grens is forced call upon his retired partner, Piet Hoffman, the best undercover operative he knows, to try to infiltrate the group. They will have only one chance – but are they up to the darkest challenge of their lives?


Thank you to Harvill Secker for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Although a dark and difficult read, Sweet Dreams is a gripping and atmospheric Scandi Noir that will shock and consume, and invest you so emotionally that you won’t want to stop reading until you get to the final outcome.

The subject is very dark and the book does come with a content warning, so I was a little apprehensive at first as it’s a subject I find difficult to read about. But although there are a few difficult scenes, there aren’t any unnecessarily disturbing descriptions to make you feel too uncomfortable.

Instead, I think the way the subject is explored makes it all worthwhile, highlighting how humongous this problem is and the difficulties that law enforcement can have when involved in such a case. It’s a painful read at times because of how hard it hits home, but Roslund deals with the subject with great understanding and insight.

What helps is that Grens and the rest of the team are all very engaging characters, and it’s easy to feel their digust over this case and their commitment to solving it, which only draws you into the story more.

Fans of Scandi Noir are sure to love this, and it’s also a great introduction to the genre for all thriller fans as it’s a fast-paced story that easily holds your attention throughout. And once you’ve finished, it’s definitely a story that will stick with you.


Sweet Dreams by Anders Roslund
Series: Ewert Grens #1
Release Date: 15th September 2022
Print Length: 400 pages
Genre: Crime Thriller
Publisher: Harvill Secker

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