Audiobook Review: The Couple In The Cabin by Daniel Hurst

“They’ll do anything to get out. She’ll do anything to keep them in.”

Published earlier this month, The Couple In The Cabin by Daniel Hurst follows happily married Grace who comes home early one night and catches her husband, Dominic, with another woman in the cabin at the bottom of their garden. She is shocked, angry, and most of all, hell-bent on revenge. That’s why she acts quickly, locking the pair in the cabin while she decides what she wants to do to them.

While Dominic and his mistress desperately try to get free, Grace makes a plan on the outside, but it’s a plan that is formed based on her previous experiences. That’s because this might not be the first time Grace has done something like this…

Who is the real villain? The cheating husband? Or the vengeful wife?


Thank you to NetGalley for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A fast-paced and somewhat madcap thriller, The Couple In The Cabin is the kind of read that you think you have sussed out, but that will then take you on a wild journey that you can’t help but find enjoyment in its twists and turns.

Told in two first-person narratives – from the wife, Grace, and her husband, Dominic – I loved seeing the story from these different perspectives – one from the outside, and one from the inside. However, I couldn’t warm to either character. I found Dominic to be too egotistical so I wanted his revenge to be much worse. And although I applauded Grace’s actions to teach her husband a lesson, it seemed obvious from the synopsis that she had a secret, so I couldn’t allow myself to trust her.

Still, there’s always something fun about messed up or annoying characters hell-bent on causing some trouble and getting what they deserve. And with this being such a quick read, my intrigue constantly remained high.

At first, I felt like everything seemed quite straightforward and as though I had everything figured out, so I did start to wonder if there was anything more to the story. And then the brilliant twists came into play and gave me something to be excited about again, so it really picked up the pace by the end.

Audiobook Review:

Narrated by Eilidh Beaton and Matt Bates, The Couple In The Cabin is a quick and engaging book to listen to and I loved having the two voice actors for the different narratives, which made this a very easy story to follow.

I don’t know if it was because the dialogue was a little simple or if the accents were a little sarcastic at times, but I did find this to be a very cheesy thriller. Some will love that as it is quite a ludicrous plot with very eccentric characters, so I suppose it suits the story very well. For me, it took away some of the suspense, almost putting up a barrier to my enjoyment as it prevented me from really getting behind the characters.

But while I did have a few niggles with this one, I found the overall story very original, the exploration of obsession very interesting, and the great twists really did make all the difference.


The Couple In The Cabin by Daniel Hurst
Release Date: 1st November 2022
Print Length: 232 pages
Audioboook Length: 6 hours and 45 minutes
Genre: Psycolohical Thriller
Publisher: Bookouture


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